The 360° Patient Experience

Last week I posted a brief introduction of a webinar about a collaboration between MEDSEEK and Microsoft that addresses technology challenges (and solutions) patients have interacting with their healthcare providers.  While some of the capabilities of product go beyond the scope of this blog, the key problem the technology addresses is the “siloed” and fragmented technology/process  that patients currently must use to interact with healthcare providers.  This is the solution outlined in the 360° Patient Experience (the webinar outlined a white paper which you can download from this link).

The group proposed a high-level architecture for a Comprehensive Patient User Interface and Experience. The diagram below shows the technology solutions depicted as part of the patient’s continuum of care.

Diagram of Patient Experience

This webinar was geared toward IT leaders in healthcare systems, and there are business-driven and patient-focused elements at work.  Some of the patient empowerment benefits include:

    • Patient access to a patient portal and HealthVault account for doing research, tracking medical information, receiving health related reminders/information, interacting with their providers and requesting appointments.
    • Patients ability to “opt-in” to get a patient portal account and HealthVault account when registering at the kiosk in the hospital.
    • Streamlined patient admissions
    • In-room content customized to their needs based on the reason they are being admitted to the hospital.
    • Patients will receive reminders and follow up content after being discharge which will improve their post-discharge care.

This type of comprehensive ICT platform helps empower patients with access to information.  I am not technically trained, so I cannot comment on the technical capabilities, but from the patient perspective I like that the system engages the patient and allows him to be proactive in managing his care.


About jennijen55

I am passionate about healthcare and the patient experience. Technology is paving the way for patients to take charge of their care. Beyond telemedicine, technology can be the bridge the gap between patients and their providers and it can be a vehicle for consumer-driven healthcare.
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