Smart pills, healthier patients?*

Drug and biomedical companies such as Proteus and Novartis are testing digital chips that can be attached to conventional medications to confirm and track if and when a patient takes their medication.  Patients wear a sensing patch on their skin and the drug compliance information is transmitted regularly to a smart phone.

Proteus Ingestible Sensors

From a general public standpoint, this seems a bit creepy—my doctor could literally manage my health from the inside out.  However, when you consider the amount of medication people 65+ consume as well as people with hard to manage conditions such as organ transplants or emerging trends of oral chemotherapy for cancer, the benefits of this technology become clear.  For these types of health conditions, the timing and regularity of the medication is critical for a healthy outcome for the patient.

Managing a chronic disease or serious illness is challenging, I think this technology could help patients better manage their medication and potentially save lives.

*Title borrowed from GE Healthy Outlook Blog


About jennijen55

I am passionate about healthcare and the patient experience. Technology is paving the way for patients to take charge of their care. Beyond telemedicine, technology can be the bridge the gap between patients and their providers and it can be a vehicle for consumer-driven healthcare.
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