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Patients want social media!

For the past few weeks I have been following medGadget on Facebook.  MedGadet is a weblog a group of MDs and biomedical engineers.  They post interesting technologies and every once in a while they turn me on to something directly … Continue reading

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How hospitals are using iPads to improve the patient experience

Check out this impressive new app that the Mayo Clinic is using to help heart surgery patients.  The app is specially designed for patients so that they can access their plan of care before and after surgery.  When you undergo … Continue reading

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TEDMED 2012 and ICT to Empower Patients

This year the Healthcare Business Association was able to stream the 2012 TEDMED conference live at Johns Hopkins Carey Business School.  It was a great alternative to attending the conference in person and there were several exciting topics related to … Continue reading

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The 360° Patient Experience

Last week I posted a brief introduction of a webinar about a collaboration between MEDSEEK and Microsoft that addresses technology challenges (and solutions) patients have interacting with their healthcare providers.  While some of the capabilities of product go beyond the … Continue reading

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Intel Health Guide: RIGHT Data to the RIGHT People at the RIGHT Time

A collection of innovative hospitals are partnering with GE Healthcare and Intel to launch a new model of healthcare delivery for patients called the Intel Health Guide.  The unit looks fairly user-friendly and unobtrusive, despite its state-of-the-art functionality. The Guide … Continue reading

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Just a teaser…

Stay tuned for a review of a new MEDSEEK and Microsoft partnership related to engaging patients in hospital changes due to healthcare reform.  The companies shared a press release yesterday–you can read it here: Do Your Patients Play a Role in … Continue reading

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Smart pills, healthier patients?*

Drug and biomedical companies such as Proteus and Novartis are testing digital chips that can be attached to conventional medications to confirm and track if and when a patient takes their medication.  Patients wear a sensing patch on their skin and the drug compliance … Continue reading

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